COVID-19 Updates

In these difficult times we face as a nation, we want you to know that we are concerned with the well being of all workers in our industry. 

Sadly for all of us, not knowing what tomorrow brings is the “new normal.”

Our Union was formed for the protection of all workers in our trade. We know the best way to get through tough times is by sticking together. Whether you belong to our union or not, we want to help you navigate these difficult times.

Listed below are important links related to the current COVID-19 Virus:

  • You should be able to go to work safely without the worry of bringing the COVID-19 virus home to your family and loved ones. Employers who truly feel that “Their employees are a family” should respect the need for increased safety standards.
  • We believe that you should have continued access to quality healthcare during this national emergency!
  • We believe in opening a channel of communication that allows you to work with your employer to make positive change in your work environment.
  • If you have any of the same beliefs, stop thinking you can’t do anything about it because YOU CAN! You and your coworkers have the right to stand together and we will stand right next to you.  TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!

If you have a question or need assistance and cannot locate the information you are looking for, call our Worker Advocate Hotline!